Guitar Project

Here are some pictures of my first guitar build.

Wood used:

Black Walnut body, milled with a chainsaw jig. 

Ipe fretboard - reclaimed from my boat after replacing some trim. 

Figured maple - ordered online (


Pickups: Golden Age Humbuckers (from stew mac)

Tune-o-matic bridge

Gibson-style single action truss rod

Gotoh locking tuners

Other interesting notes: 

Side dots - I wanted to make them blue and I couldn't seem to find blue side dot material, so I made a punch to cut dots from a blue guitar pick. I glued in punched-out pieces of white binding, followed by the translucent blue pick pieces, and they look great. 

Backing plates - the covers for the electronics cavities were made by my father in law from stainless.