Michael McCloy, President

Michael McCloy officially incorporated Twin Harbor Web Solutions in 2004, however the company's true origins began much earlier. Michael started the company unofficially as Twin Harbor Web Designs in the late 1990's while working as a freelance website developer. Building websites the traditional way was satisfying, but Michael dreamed of something better.

During 2003 and 2004, Michael began plans for the Waypoint platform. He began construction of the system and in 2004, Twin Harbor Web Solutions was founded with the goal of launching websites and applications for small busineses.

Michael began his education in Technology in High School. He took computer programming classes including AP (College-level) classes during his time there. He then graduated from New York Institute of Technogy in Old Brookville, NY with a bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Michael's professional career in Technology started with an internship at Reuters (www.reuters.com) Technology, an international news, business and financial company. There he led the redesign and management of the company Intranet website. This position led to another within Retuers, building a new Intranet website for the Marketing Insight division. In this position Michael worked directly with the Senior Vice President of Marketing to develop a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint technology.

From there, Michael moved on to work at ING Real Estate in New York City. There he led the development of an entirely new Intranet website that allowed thousands of users to collaborate and share information. He also created various custom website applications to provide support to the Real Estate Acquisitions department.

Michael McCloy's Digital Business Card