Domain Name Management

Every website needs a domain name. As a convenience to our customers, we provide domain name management services. We can register and manage your domain name for you. For many of our customers it is easier as they can keep all their services under one roof.

How Do Domain Names Work?

It's important to know that domain names can be managed separately from web and email hosting. A domain name, such as, is essentially a pointer. It carries with it a series of records called DNS records. Each record tells the internet where a certain service is. For example, it will say where the email service should go, and where the website should go. Domains are registered through a registrar and are leased for periods of one or more years. Website hosting is separate from this. Website hosting reserves a space on a server that will actually contain your website. The most important thing to remember is to keep your domain name current. If a domain name is allowed to lapse, it will go out on the open market and often times will be purchased by another company. Once this happens it is nearly impossible to get the domain name back. Also be aware that if you change hosting companies, you may still need to maintain your domain name elsewhere. If you aren't sure where your domain name is registered, contact us and we can help you find out where it is managed.